The names of food

Today we gather all the food we bought yesterday at the supermarket and after learning the names of each item we choose a couple to taste , we use the blender today to make some smoothies.
First smoothies was a banana smoothie, while making it we asked the children why they thought monkeys likes bananas so much, some of them answered because theu were yummy…others because thry like ti clime on trees and bananas hapoen to be on trees…all of them really liked the taste of the banana smoothie and enjoyed it even more when we added some salt to it.
Then we made a completely defferent type of smoothie using tomatoes, they enjoy that too…they didnt comment on any animal liking tomatoes but once again they enjoyes the smoothie even more once we added some salt.
I am very pleased to see children are using english more and more each day to express them selvs..way to go Ocean Class super proud of you all 

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