Good Wednesday at Sunshine Village

[24/6/2020| River and Ocean Class] Good Wednesday at Sunshine Village. Hello Parents today we had Story telling and Fun activity for your little one.

||River Class||

I ask question what do you think what Sea animal has Ocean have. Chip said ” Sharks” then she act like the shark bite her Arms. Cun also said “fish and shell they swim in the water” then I tell them Story about Mommy and baby dolphins that loved each other then I ask them; Is it the Mommy and dolphin are happy together? Cun and Chip said ” Yes Happy” Kang and Sim are just observed and just smiling when I asked the question.

Then we do fun activity ” float and Sink” ask them What we are going to do with these? ( showing the bowl of water and the things they got inside the classroom) Cun said ” Its Water” meanwhile Chip, Kang and Sim just look but excited on what going to happen next. Then the kids start to drop thing in the water and discover the things that is float and Sink.

Then we ended our class with the Sand Sensory tray where they can Search and see what is hiding underneath. Chip said ” Oh its a fish. Its a fish” then Cun ” Crab is a crab and fish too” then Kang said ” fish. fish” Sim also said ” a Hermit Crab”.


I started our topic by asking them question What are you going to do if you go in the Ocea n? Nana said ” I don’t know” Shin said ” Me too I dont know ” while Soc Anh ” swimming I go swimming”.

Then I get the bowl for our activity ” Sink and Float” whey they see it it showed in their face of curiosity. Then I ask them What are going to do with these? Ping said ” Play. Play” Shin and Nana said the same then the others just look and waiting on what will happen next. In these activity we let them explore on what will happen on the thing they took and drop it into the water. All of them are excited but confused in the same time.

Then I told them also the story about the Mommy and Baby dolphin then asking them question Why the baby dolphins like to see his friend Play? Nana said ” baby dolphin is happy” Soc Vu ” Baby dolphin loved to play” Bin also said ” Mommy dolphin are big” then Kyla, Minmin, Soc Anh and Ping are just talking ” the dolphins and the waves”.

Then I asked them to draw on the Mommy and Baby dolphins. Suprisingly they have there own version of it.

Me and Sunshine Village are happy to see your kids learn but enjoy in the same time keep up the good work Our little one and make you Mommy and Daddy proud.

– Ms. Zie

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