There part of the face

[30/6/2020 – River and Ocean Class] Dear Parents, we let the kids see and know there part of the face.

|| River Class ||

I told a story of importance of taking care our Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth. Then I asked question do we really need to take care the our eyes, ears, nose and mouth? Cun “Yes, clean the nose” then she picked her nose which made us laugh. Chip “Ears.Ears” then Sim said: Mouth ; Kang told us by pointing out on his mouth.

Then we show them a half picture of them and let them draw the other side of it. On this activity they draw not only their self but they include there Mom, Dad and Siblings. Which it shown how they really loved their family.

|| Ocean Class||

I tell also the story on how the importance of taking care the Ears, Eyes, Nose and Mouth.

Asked them the why do we need to take care of our eyes, ears, nose and mouth?

Shin: it not be hurt
Nana: so no doctor
Ping: no hurt in the nose
Soc anh: so we not see a doctor
Bin: No Pain in the nose.
Kyla and Mina just look on there classmate and agree on what they said.

Afterward , we let them familarized on every parts of their face by looking on the mirror and asked them to draw themselves. Which the kids take seriously mostly Shin he look and measure all part of his face then draw. All the kids are into this activity and they really had fun.


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