How to choose a good school for your child is perhaps the constant concern of all parents with preschool-aged children. Understanding these concerns, Sunshine Village School was established with the desire to provide the best for children. If parents are still unsure whether to enroll their child at Sunshine Village, read the following article to understand why choosing Sunshine Village School is a wise decision.

Boutique School Model

The first reason for choosing Sunshine Village School is its advanced school model. Sunshine Village organizes classes based on the Boutique School model, meaning a small school with the motto “Smaller community, better cares.” Each school has a relatively small scale (under 70 students). We believe that each child is a unique individual with different thoughts, talents, and intelligence, and they need to be listened to and understood.

At Sunshine Village, every child is cared for by a team of teachers, including principals, specialists, local and foreign teachers, and assistants. We aim to create an environment where all children receive equal care and deep understanding. Children at Sunshine are deeply analyzed in terms of personality and interests, which may not be possible in schools with a high number of students. Only in this way can a child fully realize their potential and understand themselves.

Deep Educational Philosophy

The second reason for choosing Sunshine Village is its deep educational philosophy, focusing on the child’s happiness. Sunshine uses the Reggio Emilia education method as its primary approach. The Reggio Emilia method places the child at the center, and unlike other schools that focus on knowledge (letters, numbers, etc.), Sunshine teaches children to face relationships, learn to love themselves, others, and the world. Everything in the world contributes to shaping each individual, and this builds a foundation for a child to grow up happily.

Quality Teaching Staff

The teaching staff is also a reason for choosing Sunshine Village. The teaching staff at Sunshine is uniformly trained, both Vietnamese and foreign teachers follow the Sunshine curriculum. Teachers are trained in Finnish education and the Reggio Emilia method. Every principal at Sunshine has gone through the journey from being a teacher at the school. Sunshine adopts the Reggio Emilia approach based on Finnish education. Finnish education aims to build a happy person, while Reggio Emilia aims to personalize a child’s learning. Children do not follow a fixed curriculum but are observed meticulously to discover their likes and desires.

Collaboration with Parents in Child Upbringing

Sunshine Village believes that raising a child requires more than just the school; it requires collaboration with parents. Parents always accompany the school in educating the child. Each week, the school sends parents the learning plan, including activities for the week or detailed menus for easy tracking. Parents can participate in free parenting classes at the school. Sunshine regularly organizes various events throughout the school year, including workshops and lectures for parents on health issues, balanced diets, or the role of the living environment in education. Through these activities, Sunshine encourages parents to grow together with their children.

Adequate Facilities and Reasonable Costs

Sunshine Village is a school that meets 100% international standards with adequate facilities at reasonable costs. The tuition fee at Sunshine is only half that of other international schools. The school has multiple branches in Ho Chi Minh City and other areas such as Da Lat and Ca Mau. For more detailed information, parents can schedule a visit to the school or message the Fanpage for advice from the teachers.