Hungry Shell

[26/06/2020 – River Class] Dear parent’s, today we put the group 1 and group 2 together for them to see and experience how it’s like being under the sea.

Kids really loved it. We had a short story about the “Hungry Shell” Then, we asked them question; what are you going to do if the shell is hungry? Ori said “give them food” Ga said; “hungry fish” Mia and Cicie also said “Food”. We also asked another question What is the fish doing under the sea? Harry said; “fish swimming under the sea” Ori her usual self talks a lot “look me look me I swim” while holding the shell. Oliu is just looking around, so curious, she kept touching the fishes and corals under the sea.

Then we ended our topic having an experiment about making waves where the kids had so much fun while putting the material inside the bottle.

– Ms. Lora and Ms. Zie

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