Parts of Face

[29/6/2020 – Ocean and River Class] Happy Monday At Sunshine Village. Dear Parents today We introduced to your kids about the 4 parts of our Face.

I asked the kids do you know the part of your face Can you name one of it? And which one is your most favorite?:

Cun and Chip: Eyes and Mouth
Kang: Eyes
Sim: Nose
Shin: Eyes
Nana: Eyes
Soc Anh: Nose and Eyes
Soc Vu: Mouth
Bin: Nose
Ping: Eyes and mouth

Then I showed a picture of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Mouth. Afterward we have a game I draw a face and they will closed their eyes while closing their eyes I will erase 1 part of the face then I will asked them to guess which part is missing; then I will ask them to draw a part of the face which they really enjoy.

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