Story of the beautiful little fishes

Hello dear mom’s and dad’s, today your children had their story telling. The original plan was to talk a story about 1 little fish that got hurt, but it didn’t go that way. The children did something more fun, it’s something like they create their story.

The little fishes enjoyed swimming in the ocean. They played a lot and swim a lot. Swim here and there. Mia fish swim on the floor, she swim and swim around the classroom and she imagined she was in the ocean. And suddenly, the little fish Cicie got so hungry because she played a lot. The teacher asked the other little fish, “what will you do? Cicie fish is hungry”. Mia fish said; “give food yum yum”. Ori fish said; “give pizza to eat”. Gā said; “fish eat pizza”. Harry said; “swim”. Gao Gao said; “swimming swimming swimming”. After they ate their pizza, Cicie fish said she is sleepy and tired. Gao Gao said he is sleepy too and all the other little beautiful fish. They all pretend that they are sleeping on the ocean, all the children lay down on the floor.

And lastly, children again draw their imagination. Ori draw banana. Gā draw rain and a fish. Gao Gao draw a faucet and bathroom. Mia draw clouds. Cicie draw aquarium and fish.

It’s a playful rainy tuesday for everyone!?✨

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