Story of a Train

It’s rainy season once again, another successful day! Today we talk about the story of a train,and the kids listened to the story.
Once upon a time there were 5 kids lived in the very very far place in the province of Vietnam. The five kids were friends. One day the one kid name Domdom told to his dad that, he wanted to go to Disneyland and his dad was agreed about the plan. So, he invite her 4 friends name Wawah, Gao, Wengdang and Lac. They are very happy when Domdom told to them.They ride in the train. But, suddenly Lac is left in the train station because she walked slowly. Domdom notice that Lac are not in the group so he called Lac and told that she can followed and ride to another train. The 5 kids are very happy when they arrived in Disneyland.

We arrange the toy train in the table and let the kids draw a train on the paper.
Domdom said” he paint a train..
Lac said”chicken
Gao said”fish
Wengdang draw also
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