A Day at Sunshine Village

The children warmly welcome each new day at the Sunshine Village preschool with a positive start and engaging activities that enhance creativity and foster a love for learning. Here, they are cared for by teachers who have been systematically trained in the Finnish Education program, participating in a full range of activities aimed at developing life skills, cultivating discipline, nurturing relationships, and fostering comprehensive intellectual growth for the children.

Parents, let’s join Sunshine Village in following the daily schedule of your child to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how Nắng’s home accompanies the children on their path to personal development for the future.

Receiving Children

Parents bring their children to school early in the morning for the little ones to greet their teachers and friends. During this time, teachers and families come together to discuss and exchange information about the children’s health, daily habits, recreational activities, and entertainment. This creates an opportunity for teachers to understand and connect with the children, aiding in their overall personal development.

Circle Time

This is one of the important activities at Sunshine Village where teachers and children gather together to learn and play, providing an opportunity for children to acquire knowledge in natural and social sciences. It helps develop their thinking skills and understanding of the world around them.

Explore Interest-based Learning Corner

In this learning corner, children are divided into small groups and can choose their own small corners where they can immerse themselves in professions they love, such as being a doctor, homemaker, teacher, etc. They can also participate in artistic corners like painting, cutting and pasting, and sculpting. This is an activity where children have the freedom to showcase their talents and express their passions.

Loving-kindness Meditation

Similar to adults, meditation exercises bring many benefits to both the health and well-being of children, such as improving physical fitness, enhancing memory, developing the brain, nurturing compassion in the soul, and many other unexpected benefits.

Lunch, Naptime, and Afternoon Snack

After a session of learning and recreational play, children at Sunshine Village replenish their energy with a carefully measured and scientifically balanced lunch to ensure their health. Following that, they receive the attentive care of teachers, accompanied by gentle melodies, guiding them into a sweet nap.

After waking up from their nap, teachers guide the children in personal hygiene and start an afternoon snack consisting of fruits, cakes, and milk to provide energy for the upcoming afternoon activities.

Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities at Sunshine Village begin with extracurricular classes that develop skills such as music, English, and children’s dance. Teachers spend time chatting, listening to children share stories and thoughts, creating a comfortable and joyful atmosphere. This helps the children look forward to coming to school, meeting teachers and friends, ensuring that smiles are always present on their faces.