Look, Draw & Tell what it is

[06/12/2020 ????? ?????] As planned, we had a “draw your shell and tell a story day”. But before we do the drawing, we had a short talk about the shells. We had a little review on, what is it’s color? How does it felt when touched? the size? And, they even play pretend that the shells are swimming in the water. Mia said the shell is hard. Cicie said, it’s color is yellow. Ga identified which is the small and the big shell. Oliu is doing a good job when it comes to drawing. On their drawing, the children said they drew the;

Cicie: shell, pink and sky
Mia: many many shells and rain
Ga: shells and lightning or thunderstorm
Gao: shell, fish and water
(New friend) Meiza: car and shell

Afterwards, we sat and take a look at the shell put on top of the mirror and on top of the light table. Children had so much fun while learning with shells using the light table, and I had noticed they had an interest with the fish swimming in the water. They also love singing the baby shark action song. ?

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