What a wonderful day we had at Sunshine Village today

This week is entirely dedicated to the sense of touch, through the whole week we have been feeling experiencing how things feel on our skin.
Today we started with a feather and a pine cone and ended up in the schoolyard walking on the wet grass to get a sense of how it feels on our feet and walking on wet sand, a part of the sandbox had puddles too (due to the rain) so the children could feel the difference between hard sand and mushy sand…We also touched the sands, leaves, flowers, rocks, … everywhere/everything using our feet and hands to think that what sensation we feel like (some answered soft, smooth and rough).
It has been quite interesting to see the various reactions of the children.
Later on our kids were asked to draw the feeling on a piece of paper. It is not easy but they seemed very engaged with this task.
Some pictures are their actual discoveries for the sensation of touching.

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