River Class talk about “??? ??????”

[June 08, 2020 Monday] Today is a little bit exciting, since this is the very first day that the children will have the formal class after four long months. Last week is an observation for both teachers and children.♥️

This week, we will talked about the “sea shells” in the ocean. We let the children feel the shell and let them listen to it. We also watched a very short video clip on how the shells walk, swim and run in the ocean. The children said;
Ga : “water!” “whoosh! whoosh!”
Mia : “daddy shell.. mommy shell.. baby shell”
Cicie & Oliu just touch and feel the shells, they are still shy to share how they feel and see about it.

Tomorrow we will have a very short story about the sea shells. Let’s see how your children react and imagine about the story.

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