Parents' reviews

In the role of a parent, up to this point, Trang is very satisfied with the decision to choose this school for her child. She feels a strong trust in the school, allowing her child to develop comprehensively in terms of PHYSICAL - EMOTIONAL - INTELLECTUAL aspects.
Mrs. Thu Trang Tran / Parents of Nguyen Minh Quang (Class Soil 2 - Sunshine Village Academy)
The wonderful thing about Sunshine Village that I appreciate as a mom is the way the teachers care for and nurture the children with great patience and love. The teachers also provide daily updates on the child's activities at school, which brings a great sense of peace to us parents. The food at the school is also very delicious, tastefully prepared to suit the child's palate. Since attending Sunshine Village, our child has also become more caring and helpful towards others.
Ms. Ngan Nguyen / Parents of Dom Dom (Class Ocean - Sunshine Village Kindergarten)
I have a child attending Sunshine Village Go Vap. In the initial days of going to school, the child often displayed clinginess and demanded attention from the mother. However, the caring and patient teachers at the school showered the child with love, creating a sense of safety and affection. Over time, the child has gradually adapted and now enjoys going to school. At the school, there are numerous activities for the child to experience, fostering the development of positive habits.
Ms. Tran Yen / Parent of Mary (Class River - Sunshine Village Kindergarten)
The child has undergone significant transformation after a period of attending school. The child has become more self-disciplined (previously, reminders were needed for the child to tidy up toys after playing, but now the child does it independently, or the child autonomously cleans up the dining area neatly after meals). The child has become more sociable, more confident, and displays a more charming demeanor towards others. At home, the child even guides others on how to interact lovingly, showcasing adorable behavior.
Mr. Tien Long Tran / Parent of Tran Tien Minh Khoi (Class Ocean - Sunshine Village Kindergarten)