Enrichment Curriculum

Developing talents is a crucial part of nurturing a child’s sense of self. This stage meets two important needs:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Personal development and future direction for the child


At the same time, Sunshine focuses on developing a child’s resilience over time through talent-centric thinking, enabling children to discover their true talents and confidently answer:

“Who am I?”: I always accept myself, both my strengths and weaknesses, with a happy and contented attitude.

“I continuously enhance my abilities!”

The talent discovery program spans the entire elementary school period and develops further during middle school. Each child will have their own exploration in this aspect. Particularly, the teaching method at Sunshine Village is unlike any other school; every child will have their own talent development roadmap, which is implemented as soon as they enter the school. By the age of 15, children will have a complete understanding of their talents to step into university classrooms.