Arts & Crafts Thursday

[06/11/2020 ????? ?????] The activity that was supposed to be for Wednesday was done today, since the kids went out to the park and play yesterday.
We had a fun and colorful morning today. After a little chitchat and review with the kids about the shells, we let them made their own cute shell cards. We called it “the home of my beautiful shell”. Ms Vy and Ms Lora lead the way on how to make and create a home of a shell under the water with sand and sea grass.?✍️?⛱️?️?
Gā, Cicie, Mia can identify the shell, the colors of the paper the material that was used to be the grass and everything, the eyes, and the water imagination which is the blue shade. Gao loves to sing so much while working on his shell’s home. Oliu is always smiling and shows happiness while coloring, she loves to color a lot. ?
After the arts and crafts, we again watched a very short video clip of shells that is swimming in the ocean. The children loves it so much.✨ They like to watch the shells, but Cicie said she don’t want to get the shells from the ocean she want the shell to stay at home. Gā don’t want to get shells from the ocean too because he said that mommy shark will be angry.?
Here are the outputs of the little artists in ????? ?????!✨?

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