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Hello dear parents. Today, your adorable children got a chance to meet the fishes in the pond just right next to the school. Kids had fun, Gao Gao and Gā said they love to give flowers to the fishes and let them eat it. The children took pictures of the fishes, they all love taking pictures of the fish on their own. At the bottom part, I put and include the pictures they took. And when we went back in the classroom we let them draw a fish. Gā said, he drew a boy and a fish in the rain. Mia said, she drew shells and a rain. Cicie said she drew it pink. Gao Gao said he drew the moon. When we asked them about their thoughts on what they saw at the pond, kids said;
Gao Gao : fish! fish! fish! Water!
Gā : fish swimming.
Mia : many many fish. A baby fish. Mommy fish.
It’s a happy Monday for everyone! ??✨

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