Meeting the birds ?️?

Hello to our beloved parents! Today the River kids had so much fun. We were able to go on a trip to Notre Dame Cathedral District 1, to see and meet the birds that was on the sidewalk. The kids are very amazed and happy, we had a chance to feed the birds. Oliu is very scared with bird, she wouldn’t want to get near to the bird. She wants to be carried by Ms Lora and Ms Vy, we laughed.? But, the rest of the kids are not scared, they tried so hard not to scare the bird. They feed the bird and took a photo. They are very gentle and friendly to all the birds thats is why the birds did not flew away all the time. Gao Gao loves feeding the bird, he doesn’t want to stop, the same thing with Cicie, Harry and Ori. Gā also loves to feed the bird but just a little bit scared. Mia showed me a feather that she found from the ground. I asked her to bring it to Sunshine school so we could use it the next time we will make our own bird. And, when the time is finally over, Harry said first “goodby bird” and waved his hands. All the kids waved their hands too and said their bid goodbye to the birds.

This is a very gentle and friendly day for the River class.. They all behaved well during the trip. Ori, Harry, and Ga talked a lot in English words. Good job, kids!

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