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[06/09/2020 Tuesday] Today we had a fun and short story. We listen again to the shells at the very beginning. Children are having fun when we shared ideas and cute little stories about our shells. The kids were able to imagine that they could create other stuffs using the shells. Mia said she made a “car shell”. Ga said he wants to swim together with the shell. Oliu showed me a big shell and a small shell, she nod her head when I asked her if it was a mommy and a baby shell. Cicie is laughing out loud when we talk about the shell running around. We also pretend that we are like shells swimming, walking, running, sleeping and playing in the ocean.??????
Our story is all about a four children that is playing at the playground. The children named; Ga shell, Mia shell, Cicie shell and Oliu shell. They are so happy playing at the seesaw and swing. They play and play and play. After few moment of playing, Cicie shell and Oliu shell got so tired, sad and so thirsty but they don’t have water. Luckily, the mommy of Ga shell and Mia shell came to the playground and bring a lot of water. I ended the story at this part and I asked the children, “what will you do if you have a water and your friend is very thirsty and there’s no water nearby?” Mia said, she will share her water with Cicie. And, Ga also want to share his water with Oliu. Because of the story, I realized that they are soft-hearted and generous to others.♥️????? ????? had a very good job this morning.?
Tomorrow, we will have an arts & crafts day. Children will make their own cute little shells using dried leaves, paint, and a glue. ???

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